Give what you get

With every paid consultation, Mend by Tend
will help one family in a developing country.

9 Million

children under the age of 5 die each
year due to lack of access to care.

20.3 Million

children in the US lack access to
essential health care services.

400 Million

people in rural areas
cannot access healthcare.

Our story

Mend by Tend is committed to caring for the next generation. We were founded to help connect patients in need with highly specialized physicians around the world. Globally, over 56% of people in rural areas cannot access healthcare and in countries where there is access, often, families are pushed further into poverty when they pay for health services.

These shocking statistics are no different in the United States, where over 20 million children across the country lack access to care. Financial constraints, long driving distances, long wait times, and limited specialists all contribute to the lack of access to care for millions of Americans. In the United States, wait times can often exceed 100 days for certain specialists and families often travel over 78 miles to see a pediatric sub-specialist.

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